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The Ones That Fly

Those without wings will always shoot at the ones that fly
gravity is the darkest master of the universe, it even bends the sun
it commands the planets to obey their orbits
and mystifies science

he couldn’t handle her freedom so he shot her through the heart
with credit cards and money, with a low sense of worth
it started with his mother (like most things do)
little blue eyed boy so special, the latest first born too
so he entered through that gate like a comet entering the burning planes of hell
by the time he reached earth he was just a little ball of clay thrown down by God
ready for his mother’s moulding, her eager fingers waiting for him to give meaning to her life

“I wanna be a rockstar ma! I wanna be a pilot, a preacher and a hunter. Oh please can I be THE ONE Ma?”

her smile was the lubricant that made him slip, tumble and fall
he can still hear her call, he can still hear her call…

don’t leave me here