F   R   E   E               W   I   L   D              W   O   R   L   D 

 Letter of reference from Tania Brand Consulting for whom I produced a promotional video (digital business card)

'Chris Wait, owner of Free Wild World, designed and delivered a promotional video for my business, taniaBRANDconsulting during January 2018 with which I was extremely pleased and received very positive reviews from clients and new clients. He provided what he promised within a tight timeline and with amazing creativity and professionalism. It exceeded my expectations.

  I have seen some of Chris’ previous digital and artwork and every time the originality, creativity and professionalism in his work is something that always stands out. Chris has a unique ability to immediately connect with clients, ideas and turn those ideas into a very creative reality. He makes a real effort to understand your business and it is evidenced in the unique interpretation displayed in his final product.

  I would highly recommend him – without a doubt. '

Letter of reference from the organizer of the Parys Arts Festival where I was the MC at their main event.

"Chris Wait attended the 2018 Parys Arts Festival where he participated as an artist as well as being the MC at the main event. The event consisted of a full day musical concert at Egweni Guesthouse and Conference Centre next to the Vaal River. It was held during the monthly Hartelus Market which transpired at the same time. It was a full day event which began in the morning and ended in the early evening and Chris was responsible for announcing all the acts as well as conveying and updating information about the event and proceedings during the day.

I was very satisfied in the way Chris handled himself. He was professional in his conduct at all times and even though it was a long day, he conveyed all the necessary information with a cheerful, entertaining and positive attitude right up to the end. I would highly recommend Chris as an MC for any occasion."

Deon TerBlanche
Organizer Parys Arts Festival

083 338 4234

Letter of reference from Elsibe Loubser McGuffog, editor of Hy-sê-Sy-sê online mag.

Reference letter for Chris Wait

Chris has completed a few tasks for HSSS in the last year, including writing a feature about the music industry and translating a marketing flyer for me from English to Afrikaans. He also focused on photography at various events for HSSS. He is an artist, i.e. a writer and photographer with a very clear philosophical bent and insights, and so comes with his own "brand" and worldview, yet he is willing and enthusiastic to fulfil someone else's brief. He has a can-do attitude. On all these projects he showed some of the best professional traits, including good time-management, neat delivery and a diplomatic ability to get on with various types of people.

I had the confidence to ask more than I usually do from other writers and photographers because he's confident in his abilities. He is not too concerned with fretting over the details but is driven by the big picture and to get things done to deadline. He's also driven by being inspiring, so I would not say that it's wise to allocate him too many mundane jobs in which fellow human beings will not benefit from his generous gregariousness.

On top of that, he has a lovely sense of humour and so it's pleasant to do teamwork with him. I would suggest that whoever works with him must embrace who he is and not try to fit him into too rigid a box, because he has so much more to offer. This could prove difficult for small-minded colleagues or bosses.

It's refreshing to find someone who is beyond definition yet so willing to follow a job specification, and who will, above all, be direct and speak his mind. It’s a good route to respect and trust.

If any further details are needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Contact: elsibe@elsibe.co.za


Letter of reference from Gisela Spingie,s Regional Marketing Manager of Pam Golding Property Group

 To whom it may concern


 “Chris has been doing property photography for many of our offices for some time now. Owing to the nature of our business, the subject of his photography for us has been limited to property – both the interior and exterior of our mandated homes for sale – as well as scenic photography.

He has also done property video for us.

Chris’ photography is of a highly professional standard – and we have used his photographs in advertising media, namely (but not limited to) newspaper advertising, glossy advertising and our internet platform and his services include post-production editing. The video’s he has done for our properties have been tailored to our specifications timeously, for use on our website as well as for use in our Augmented Reality advertising.

I have recommended Chris’ services to many a colleague and client. He is a pleasure to work with. His work ethic is professional and the quality of his photography skills speaks for itself. We have been very pleased with his work.”

 Tel: 021 – 851 2633 

Letter of reference from Erhardt Thiel, Stellenbosch based photographer fro whom I worked.

"Chris Wait worked for me in the mid 90’s in my Studio in Stellenbosch, South Africa. At the time the studio specialized in portraiture, group photography and weddings. Chris worked in our Black and White darkroom and also assisted on shoots. He was a reliable and hard worker and a pleasure to have around”

 Contact: +27 (0)82 550 6728


Character testimonial of the owner of a guesthouse in the days when I left everything behind and started my travel blog.

Words from Sonja at The Republic of Rustica in Calvinia

Dearest Chris I would love to thank you for the beautiful time you have spent with us. It has been a long time since I have met someone as interesting as you. We really had awesome times in Calvinia I shall never forget. It is a difficult path you chose and I have the utmost respect for you courage. Life is not easy and so it is with people but, as it is your journey I guess a person learns to reach your goals with the least. Things that stood out about you, during your stay with us was, your wonderful ability to just disappear and then come up with the most glorious music vid or movie. (Thank you so much for the song you wrote and the cool vids you made), the silent way you conduct yourself and the most amazing food you prepared….oh man!!!!! That pork rib and veggies , the pizzas and Italian pasta. All the laughs and interesting talks I shall never forget. Be safe and always remember—you are part of our extended family now. Love you. Please be so kind as to publish my letter of gratitude on your blog. Much love Namaste Sonja Calvinia Rebublic of RusticA 

 Character testimonial from a friend.

(Chantel de Lange)

"In 2005 I was fortunate enough to manage a small Greenside Café that boasted live music performances and my days were graced with artists from all walks of life. Nights drenched with goblets of red wine bled into many friendships that still stand today. But perhaps the most memorable of all meetings that took place there (apart from finding my husband among them and birthing two beautiful children as a result) was the day Chris Wait walked onto the “stoep” red concrete floor with guitar and harmonica. To this day I don’t know how he ended up there. He came all the way from Cape Town, traveling alone in his VW Combi complete with bed in the back. I was drawn to him immediately, by his wild hair and nomadic appearance. Of course his dark and melancholy poetry did nothing but fuel the allurement.

We spent, what must have been 3 wonderful days together in merriment, with lots of drink and more music and he gave me the incredible gift of a mix CD he made himself for the road (I still have it after 10 years). The Weeping by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds rings loudly in my memory and remains one of my favorite songs of all time due to this encounter. He slept in his Combi in the parking lot of the house I lived in, right across the street from the Café. If I remember correctly, he was just gone one morning when I went outside. We only met that once but I was fortunate enough to keep in contact with him through the magic of technology.
A friend once said to me: “We are all the same, we are all evolving”. This sentence springs to mind first when I think of Chris. How incredibly intertwined two peoples’ existence can be, so uncannily similar in two completely different times and on two different sides of South Africa. A personal crisis compelled me to move to Johannesburg and when I arrived here in that fateful year, I had nothing. So now, 10 years later Chris will take his journey, inspired by art and motivated by crisis. To see what he sees and live vicariously through him in an experience none of us will ever have, you can follow his blog here."