F   R   E   E               W   I   L   D              W   O   R   L   D 
 New Media Creation - Video Production - Photography - GONZO Style Blog - Art - Music - Writing


Chris Wait bought his first ‘real’ camera in 1995 and since then he has been on a constant mission to capture the human story with both still and moving images as well as words. He has many years of experience in both still photography and video production and he has developed his own unique style of documentary photography over the years which revolve around his exceptional ability to make a human connection with his subjects and to establish a natural rapport and authentic feel in what he does. 

Chris is also a self-taught graphic designer, video producer/cameraman/editor and he has some basic animation skills.

Chris is also a writer and performer of songs, poetry and stories. 

Chris is also a self-taught creative who makes oil paintings and experiments with mixed media and found objects.

Currently Chris resides and works as a freelancer in Cape Town but from time to time he finds himself on the road doing a GONZO style travel blog while he hunts down still and moving images with his unique ability to capture humans interacting with each other and their environment all over Africa and further. 

“I don't rely fancy cameras and long lenses anymore. There is no challenge in that. I use whatever tool happens to be available in order to create still or moving images. For me the challenge has become to get real close, to get into that moment and capture it.”

                                             Promotional Video for Makuzi Beach Lodge

Documentary Production for an Afrikaans Play



EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for the  Opening of Primi Piatti Restaurant in Paarl, South Africa