F  R  E  E       W  I  L  D       W  O  R  L  D 
 A   T  r  a  v  e  l   B  l  o  g   f  o  r   t  h  e   W  i  l  d   a  t   H  e  a  r  t

My Skills & Services

I will be looking to generate income in order to sustain myself wherever I travel.  


Video Production

I have been doing video production for many years. I do everything from the actual videogrpaphy to the editing and compiling. I can also create original graphics and an original soundtrack for your production. I can make a professional looking video clip for your online presence. This could form part of a blog where you're establishment or activity get's featured. In this regard I will also create awareness on all my social media platforms.



Need something unique for your event, wedding or social? I specialize in taking images of people interacting with each other and their environment.



If you like my writing style you can use me for your assignments. I can of course employ my skills as photographer and videographer in this regard.


I am always looking for part-time jobs as I travel. I have experience in the tourism industry having been a field- and tour guide in the past. I have also worked as a chef in a fine dining restaurant and have cooked professionally for people in various stages throughout of my life. I cooked as a safari guide. I had a pizza oven for some time in Stellenbosch. My last venture was a small gallery and eatery where I prepared the menu myself.

I am happy to be of service in any of the above roles.