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A Novel Way of Writing Two Novels


I few months back I finished my first full length novel. I send it away and it was not received well. It will therefore not be published. I started reworking it and realized that it’s probably not that great. It seems a bit melodramatic and contrived to me now. I suppose this is how one learns and grows. On this day, 11-11-2016; I woke up unusually early. I could not go back to sleep. It was then that I discovered via social media that one of my ultimate idols, heroes, masters and possible gods in what was a living human form; passed away during the night. Later on I went for a walk and I decided to try my hand at writing again, but this time I’m going to do it in a radical new way.


I propose to write a ‘live’, interactive novel on my website. You will be able to follow the progress as I go along, comment and give criticism on it. I will add a few pages every now and then and then we will see where the story goes. I will write this very much in a free form and automatic style. In this way you will be able to see how the story unfolds as it develops in my mind. You will also be able to see how my daily life and what happens in the world at large influences my writing This evolving storyline will also contain other media like video clips, images, graphics and audio recordings separately from the fictional story. This will be a kind of a 3D, multimedia, real-time reality program approach to writing a novel. Basically anything goes.


But wait! There is more…


If you like what I’m doing and think it’s worthwhile that I continue, you can participate in the following ways: you can make a pledge for new pages or words. This can be anything really: a small monetary donation, food, booze, maybe a place to sleep or even an action or activity. Since I live very basic and am on the move all the time without a permanent home (because I simply can’t afford one), and since I don’t have a ‘real job’, every little thing will help me to survive in this current corporate nightmare of a world where free thought and authentic living seems to have become enemies of the state. You can become in any which way, no matter how large or small, a patron to my cause of finishing this manuscript.

Once you make a pledge, it will become absorbed in the interactive part of the process of writing the story. I will record it in whatever form suitable or available and it will be inserted in the timeline, either as part of the ongoing documentary separately of the actual fictional story, or maybe even as a part of the story itself in the form of a character or event.

In an abstract way you will become a co-author in the story I’m writing. You will be a sort of a co-creator of events that will influence the outcome.

If you make a pledge I will also credit you in the timeline in whichever way pleases you. You are basically ‘buying’ that part of the story. This can happen under your own or an assumed name, or in the guise of a company or establishment’s name, maybe under the banner of a cause or it can be dedicated to something or someone else, still living or long gone. Whatever takes your fancy.

At certain times I might suggest something I need or want. This could take the form of a plate of food, clothing, a bottle of wine, a taxi ride or something like cheap room and board. You can specify how many words I need to write before a pledge becomes available and I can then decide to accept or reject this pledge.

You can also challenge me to do things and send me on missions, like giving someone flowers or a kiss on the cheek, or to throw a cake at someone or pull a prank. Maybe you would like me to serenade someone with an original song or poem, or maybe you would like me to deliver a message or gift in a certain way to someone special. Your imagination is my limit. For this I will give you a quote. The more risqué it is, the higher the quote will be. If you accept my quote, half of it will be payable before I commit the act, and the remainder will be payable on visible proof of completion. In this way I also become a character you can manipulate, so this is story development on many different levels.

None of this, however; necessarily has to involve cash (although it could because cash is handy). As I stated before a pledge can basically take any form whatsoever. You also don’t have to pay me directly to get it done. If you are in the same area as me we can do something together or you can pay a vendor or provider of an activity or product directly. This is basically just an interactive way in which to write a novel where you can directly or indirectly become part of the process and help me along the way to achieve my goal of surviving while completing my manuscript. My effort to write and produce content becomes the labour I get paid for.

 After each peice of pledged writing their will also be a poll in which you can participate in order to steer the story in a certain direction.

Do you feel like participating?

Do you want to play with me?

  yes   no   still deciding   you are fucking insane!!!   depends on the story

WARNING: I have very little boundaries in my life, be it mentally, spiritually, morally or physically. I am open to everything and anything, the good and the bad. The way I see it, it’s all different parts of the same movie. This means that things might get rough here, so this story will not appeal to the faint-hearted or the moral purist! The only exception is that I will not do something that causes permanent physical or emotional damage to someone else. I will also not manipulate. Ironically, I hate manipulative acts and games.

You can pledge directly on the guestbook commentary at the end of the English novel continuum or contact me via phone or email

I propose to write two novels simultaneously: one in English and one in Afrikaans

Okay, here we go…

This is where I am at the start of this crazy idea and venture. It's an empty flat belonging to a couple I know. I can stay here for another two weeks. In return I'm doing a few chores. I'm not sure where I will be next.


English Novel: Walking on the Sun 

Afrikaanse Roman: Die Reise van Marcel Le Roux