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specializes in creating video clips for online marketing

30 Second Product Promo

                                                           60 Second Digital Business Card

                                                               90 Second Establishment Promo

30, 60 and 90 sec. professionally produced promo ads for online marketing

Use it on your website or social media platforms or forward it with WhatsApp

There are two kinds of videos:
1 - normal promo video to be used to market your product, service or establishment
2 – ‘digital business card’ that you use as a personalised ad to explain what service or product you deliver
(like a paper business card, but utilizing video and sound to transfer information in a multi-dimensional way)

What do I deliver?
The script (copy), creative conceptualization, the produced video, graphic & sound design elements

Two copies will be delivered: high quality (HD) for general online used and a lower quality for use on WhatsApp and platforms like Instagram that limits the size of your video file.

The Process:
The basic videos are all done remotely. A questionnaire is sent in order to gather the information needed to produce the video content.
After this a working script will be sent back to be signed off.
The script together with any graphics and material that can be useful like logo’s, images and video clips, (to be supplied by the client), will be utilized to create the promo clip,


Rates: 30 sec – R 2 500 : 60 sec – R 3 500 : 90 sec R 4 500

ADDITONAL OPTIONS for which individual quotes will be given are available.
These include:


For more info: info@freewildworld.com 
+27 (0)82 298 1171


NEW MEDIA is changing the way in which marketing is done and this is what I specialize in. I can create content in the form of photography, designed graphics, sound bites and professionally produced video clips for your website and other online media platforms. I am here to create, facilitate and produce tailor-made content for your marketing needs.

The product I am currently specializing in is what you can call a ‘digital business card’. It is actually more like a personalized audio-visual ad you can keep on your devices to share with anyone else instantaneously [like a business card (whatsApp)], but you can also display it on all your social media platforms and online platforms.

70 % of content on the internet currently is video based. This is where media is going. The youtube explosion can attest to this. The new generation make use of apps and rely on audio visual mediums to acquire information. This is a natural progression based on our relationship with changing technology. This type of medium is also much more powerful and effective in transferring ideas and information.
I can create a professionally produced video clip for you, your business or service which will serve as an effective, immediate and powerful marketing tool. Do you still use print based marketing material like business cards and flyers? My product will put you one step ahead. Use it on its own or in conjunction with more traditional forms of media. Welcome to the NEW WORLD of NEW MEDIA.

Who should use this product? If you want to stay with the times and project a confident, progressive image of a business that is relevant and moving in unison with a fast changing world where media needs to be immediate and relevant to what is happening online, this product is ideally suited for you.

This product is also ideally suited to businesses that need an audio-visual medium to sell and promote their products like establishments in the tourism industry where visual aesthetics are important to lure travellers to lodges, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and tour operators.
Having a conversation with a possible client? Convince them there and then of your product or service by sending your digital business card to their smartphone. They will get an immediate feel for your service or product without having to go to a website. Tourism & Hospitality.

Products of a high technical nature that can be demonstrated and/or explained effectively with moving visuals will also benefit greatly from this product. Technical.


Why should you use this product?

Effective Communication: unlike printed media that creates a very limited one dimensional image of you and your business, the audio visual format of this product opens new vistas in ways for you to clearly and concisely represent your business. The feel, personality and unique characteristics of you and/or your product or service can be conveyed in a much more effective and cutting edge way and this will give you an advantage above competitors that still make use of more traditional media to market themselves. Go with the times.

Virality: people can send it on as an instant referral from their devices that explains what you do in a clear and precise manner. Potential clients can connect with you instantaneously instead of waiting for printed media or an email and in a time where rapid communication is of utmost importance, this will give you an edge over your competitors. Immediacy.

Cost Effective: this is the prefect middle way between old-fashioned printed media and big budget film productions. I can create you an effective and professional digital ad, (‘digital business card’); at a fraction of the price that a traditional production company would charge.
Because it is digital, it does not have to be re-printed like paper based media. Simply send it on as many times as you want or display it on all the digital media platforms available to you. No printing costs.

Visibility: The new generation of consumers are highly mobile and educated in the use of new media devices and software like smartphones and apps. Visiting websites to get information is becoming obsolete. People demand immediacy and convenience. Being able to send an audio visual package of information about you and your business or service directly to a device makes for a direct and efficient channel of communication. Be relevant.

Aesthetic Appeal: By making use of my creativity and expertise in visual, graphic as well as sound design and the use of text, you can represent your service or product in an artistic and aesthetically pleasing manner which will give it much more impact than a simple one-dimensional graphic or text logo. Creativity.


There are 3 basic video templates: 30 seconds @ R 2 500, 60 seconds @ R 3 500 or 90 seconds @ R 4 500

Your video can be produced according to the basic templates or it can be tailor-made to fit into your particular budget and needs. The sky is the limit.


Other Services: Layout & Design. Writing Copy.


+27 (0)82 298 1171     info@freewildworld.com 

A longer promotional video for Makuzi Beach Lodge...