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(Video Blog) 

The Weekend Party

I've been working my ass off on a few things for the last week so I'm taking a break. You know how it goes; work hard, party hard....

published on 22 February 2017

Welcome to Vrede

I went to Vrede, hoping to have a home-base to work from for a while, but things did not exactly work out that way. I spent about two weeks there and made this little vlog about it....

                                  published on 9 February 2017

From Vrede to Jazz

I leave the small town of Vrede in the Free State, heading for Jozi and the Jazzfarm, residence of the Dagga Couple where I will be doing an interview with them about their campaign for the legalization of Dagga and their upcoming court trail....

                                   published on 16 January 2017

 Mission Shebeen

I go looking for the local shebeen (African Tavern) in Vrede in the Free State Province of South Africa...

                                 published on 8 January 2017

Traveling to Vrede (Peace)

I'm going to Vrede in the Free State province of SA which will serve as my home-base for a while, offered to me by the kindhearted Glodel Oertel. I will be working from here for a while...

Waiting for the Bus

In Malawi when you travel with local transport, patience is key...

 published on 16 October 2016


Benn Koppen Craft Beer

Stumbled into this great micro brewery in Port Elizabeth...

                                     published on 23 July 2016


                         Mokala National Park

How many wild animals can you hope to encounter in one afternoon in South Africa? We go to Mokala National Park just outside Kimberley to find out...

published on 13 July 2016 


Shebeen Dancer

A shebeen is an informal tavern where locals hang out and invariably have a good time by shuffling to loud music pumping from old and tattered speakers while consuming cheap beer out of large bottles. You get these places all over and in every corner of every community in Southern Africa and I love the vibe. I visit them where-ever I go...

published on 11 June 2016

What's Happening?

Tractors, channels and empty streets...

published on 4 June 2016 

What's Happening?

Hitching from Brandvlei, getting a dop & chop in the Kenhardt Hotel, stumbling into a party in Keimoes and arriving at Augrabies Backpackers...

published on 30 May 2016 

What's Next?

Time for some peace and quiet...

Do you wan't to know what happens on a farm in the Karoo in the middle of... well, some seriously trippy scenery actually? Stay tuned.  

published on 22 May 2016 

West Coast Day Tripping

We take a day-trip to the West Coast of South Africa...

The West Coast of South Africa has a unique and enchanting presence and it is a and excellent place to get perspective on life in silent meditation while observing the ocean and listening to the sounds of nature.  

published on 10 May 2016

Where to Next?

Cooking a meal on Mothers day for my gracious hosts, Sonja and Dirk...

published on 8 May 2016

AfrikaBurn Preview

The most amazing sights and sounds of Africa's best human gathering coming up soon......

Pre Travel Season Warm-Up

Stellenbosch, Tulbagh, Cape Town...

Cape Town 

Walking around town...

Cape Town

The Train Busker - Cape Town - 23 January 2016


The Catch - Fish Hoek - 17 January 2016


Dominoes Train Ride - 3 December 2015


Traveling in (African) Style - 1 December 2015

The Waterfall - 25 October 2015

Cowboy Bar - Mosselbay - 3 October 2015

26 September 2015 -  Minx & Steven - Buffalo Bay - Lunar Eclipse


20 September - Brenton on Sea - 'Crispy Bacon' - We had a little birthday gathering... 


11 September 2015 - Secret Karoo (trailer)

10 September 2015 - On the road from Tulbagh to Stellenbosch

7 September 2015 - Tulbagh

6 September 2015 - On the Road between Wellington and Tulbagh